Job Opportunity – Organic Vegetable Crew Member, New Shoots Vegetable Farm

About Soper Farms – We are a family-owned farming group spanning 4 generations and 71 family members. Our organic farms include row crops (alfalfa, oats & corn), vegetables and livestock. Our goal is to grow healthy food in the most organically sustainable way possible. This opportunity is with our New Shoots vegetable farm.

New Shoots vegetable farm – New Shoots is a 100-acre vegetable farm. Our facility includes two green houses for extended season crops, starters and speciality crops. Our customers range from patrons in our in-town New Shoots Farm Store, Bakery and Café to restaurants and institutions across Iowa.

We need you – We are looking for great crew members to join our vegetable team. Much of this work is seasonal but some is full time. While our 2012 crew positions are full, we would like to have your resume and application on file for future reference. Below are some of the talents we are looking for. You might have one or many … perhaps none but hold a strong interesting and work ethic towards organic vegetable production.

• In-field experience growing fresh market produce
• Ability to work as part of a team
• A passion for all things fresh and organic
• Familiarity with how vegetables are rotated within a planting season
• Familiarity with biological pest control
• Familiarity with green house production
• Familiarity with organic records management, financial accountability and interest in organic standards
• Willingness to cross train to help support the other aspects of the New Shoots Farm
• Experience in using farming tools such as tractors and equipment unique to organic vegetable farming
• Experience with quality control and post-harvest vegetable handling

You are a special breed of farmer. If you are interested, please contact us at your earliest opportunity. Please fill out the on-line job application form as well as emailing us your cover letter and resume.

My best,
Dennis McDonald

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